My thirty days of… well, me.


The month started with a new exercise routine.

I haven’t written on the blog for a while. I have been struggling with blog advice. It’s said that a blog should serve a purpose and have direction else it’s pointless.

That threw me because I couldn’t find any thread of singularity.

So I just want to write for the next few days without worrying about anything other than blogging.

EXERCISE / #bbgmom / kaylaitsines

I have a friend who just amazes me every day. We have known each other for fifteen, maybe even twenty years. I looked her up on Facebook and I didn’t recognise her except for her name!  I asked her what she had done and she’s been following the basic principles. Eat clean and move. She told me to go to the Kayla Itsines website where I downloaded a seven days workout ebook for seven days. I did it. With great difficulty I will mention but by the end of the week I could button up a dress and comfortably move my arms around in too. I was happily suprised.


I am hoping that soon I will drop in cup sizes aswell but only time will tell.

I look forward to a slimmer, healthier and stronger body by the end of the next twelve weeks.

Keep your fingers crossed.