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Balance challenge


I hear ‘less is more’ and this is true except when you have already rid your wardrobe of 80% of your belongings and the further 20% that remains manages to look like the above fiasco.

This year is a good time to start looking for a little more balance in our lives.
For my husband, balance will be the magic word as I return to Ireland and his 14 hour work days will no longer be an option. I know… Read 4 hour work week. But like I have been told many times it is not as easy as that.
Unless your body kicks against the curb and screams no more! His body did that in the form of a disgusting cyst that needed to be squeezed and cut at and a system energy shut down. Fun times. Now hopefully he finally sees the value of food and excercise. New year, new you.

The highlight of 2013 for me was resigning from my job. I was relieved to be leaving such a draining process behind. I needed to get back to doing something more suited to the creative Cindy. A step away from journalism and further away from Customer Service.
I certainly loved working with people but I’m not the soul to listen to a stream of complaints. Basically, I could never be a social worker or work in the psycology profession but I love helping people at the same time.
I will need to return to Ireland sit down and find my slippers (feet) before making any concrete decisions about my future since this future impacts our future as a family.

I love the idea of having everything I have ever wanted but I need to know what that everything entails. 2014 will be the year for me. A year for us.

This is a very exciting time of my life. My only issue is dealing with all this change Im going to need to embrace.

I aspire to live the best life that I can. A life of health and abundance. One of focus and perserverance. One of a deeper love of myself and my marriage. A year for family and new friends.

Balance. Like yoga and pilates.

Have a wonderful January and a productive weekend. The first of many for 2014.

Cindy Wade

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