What has 2016 been doing?

Hi readers,

I have not been writing on the blog and been very sporadic in my dealings with WordPress.


Late last year I started a Digital Marketing course and I have to say that I’ve learned so much about how the publishing world works. Whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

It’s been keeping me busy and has been giving me more perspective with regards to what I would like to do in the future. Especially in 2016.

Goals are always changing and developing into something new. I don’t have the time to Eat, Pray, Love my way through this year with my gorgeous little one year old growing in leaps and bounds but I tried. What has inspired me to focus was watching his tenacity as he struggled and succeeded to walk.
At that point I realised that once upon a time I was that tenacious! I had such a desire to grab life and make it my own. Now I am too much of a perfectionist to the point of soul draining procrastination.

After we made the big decision to move our lives and create for ourselves new lives in Ireland, I tragically lost the one novel that I had put so much love and effort into. This one action really knocked me and my confidence. Now two years later I have finally found it in my heart to birth new characters and do something a little spectacular. It’s an interactive novel.

It’s been born from the idea of being a mother and being a daughter. I find the relationship to be multi layered and complex. Sometimes it would be nice to go and find out that you are not the only one in your particular situation. Maybe you have some sage advice to give these two characters.

I look forward to see where we can take this novel. Our new adventure.

Interactive Young Adult novel


3 thoughts on “What has 2016 been doing?

    • Hi @Writermama, I have been in Ireland for two years now. I hope you will pop by once I moved all the novel diary content to the WordPress site! Xx must connect with you on twitter?!

      • Hi Terrified. Of course will stop by and read your posts:) looking foresrd to it.
        I am not that active in twitter! Last tweet was a million years ago Lol !

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