The end of a book (Cuppa tea reads)

Lately I have had the misfortune of watching films with no actual ending. Just a mid conversation black screen.

Usually I look at the black screen with a Wtf? (where’s the fire?) expression.

Last night I had had enough when a kindle book ended the exact same way. There are no sequel books so this was just the end. I said no more! I will give these characters an ending.

Basically it’s a Mills and Boon type book. The girl is poor and has troubles when she gets a promotion to work as Secretary to the Ceo. Enter the saviour…
I felt that the author had rushed through the book. At some point it felt like a bullet point presentation but that is utterly my opinion.

So here I go giving Brianna and Trent Coldwell their happy ending.

It ended with…

“Find him before I do. I won’t be held responsible for my actions. ”


Unbeknownst to hospital staff Marco Bresi had already slipped through the door by the time the code pink lockdown had been initiated.

As Janet exited the car park, pink balloons and the largest bunch of flowers she could buy in hand, she excitedly smiled to herself imagining the little family tucked up somewhere in the building ahead. She looked up at a older gentleman carrying a bundle and smiled. She was just about to congratulate him when the thought occurred. Wasn’t it weird that he wasn’t accompanied by the mother and more than that wasn’t it compulsory to carry the baby home in a car seat? She was sure Brianna had made mention of it if only a couple of dozen times.
She was just about to mention it to the man when she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Marco? I didn’t realise you were having a baby too.”
Marco Bresi had been so taken with the child and his task that he hadn’t even been aware of someone approaching.
“She’s my grand daughter.”
Janet looked confused. As far as she knew Serena had been his only daughter. Trent had never mentioned that his ex girlfriend had had any siblings. Then the penny dropped.
“Marco where did you get that baby? Give her to me!”
And the whole time he never took his eyes from the child in his arms.
“He took my daughter from me and I am going to do the same to him. She is mine! She’s the grandchild I would have had!”
Janet dropped the bouquet of flowers and demanded he hand the baby over.

Just then two squad cars pulled up blocking them in at the entrance of the hospital. Stephenie Belkins, head nurse arrived at the doors moments after the police arrived and she signaled for security to unseal the doors.

The police officers approached slowly. “This man has taken my cousins daughter! I am going to take her now.” Janet said to the officer.

“I just want my daughter back. He owes me. Trent Coldwell ruined my family. He made up some lie about my daughter cheating on him but she said… ”

Janet interuppted his tirade.

“Serena lied! She wanted Trent to claim responsibility for a child that wasn’t his. She broke his heart and then wanted him to cover for her and deep down you know! You just know it to be true. ”

He shook his head vehemently.

The sudden commotion from the entrance as the head nurse and security rushed out made him turn away for a moment and Janet ripped the baby from him. The officers rushed in and had Marco Bresi pinned to the ground. Janet handed the baby to Stephenie and followed her back to the nursery.

“I don’t understand. How did this happen?” Janet wondered out loud as they put the security tags on the baby girl.
“It was my fault.” the junior nurse looked pale. “I hadn’t tagged her but he seemed genuine and said I could do it in their room. I broke hospital protocol. That’s what happened. ”

Stephenie just huffed and wanted to get the baby to her parents who were filled with fear, just waiting for news.

Janet took the baby back. “I think I will take this precious bundle to her parents now. They’re dying to meet you.” she smiled down at the sleeping beauty.

As she walked into the room Trent was sitting on the bed holding his wife who was visibly trembling. The look of relief as Janet walked into the room holding their daughter was unsurprising.
Trent jumped off the bed and bundled his baby girl in his arms. He turned to his wife and gently placed her daughter in her arms.
Fresh tears spilled over Briannas’ cheeks as she held her daughter for the first time.

“Look Trent!” She whispered in awe, “Our daughter. We’re finally a family.”

Janet smiled as she looked at the doting parents. She was sure that once Trent had met Brianna that he would take a liking to her. She couldn’t have written a better beginning to their new lives. It warmed her heart.

Trent had finally found love and happiness in Brianna and in turn she found a family. It would never again be just her and her mother.

When they got home from hospital two days later, it was to a mini suprise party complete with fairy cakes and pink helium balloons. His friends from college raising a glass to the princess. He laughed at how these great burly business men seemed to melt in her presence. It was probably exactly what he looked like to them.

As Trent layed his daughter in her grandmothers arms for the first time he finally felt like everything was complete and he was happy in the knowledge that with his wife and family by his side his priorities would never be the same again.

Ending written by Cindy Pascolene for CEO’s pregnant lover
Novel by _ Leslie North, CEO’s pregnant lover.

Available on Kindle

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