The post baby, post holiday, pre everything workout


Okay.  It’s a beautiful photograph of a very delicious looking breakfast. 

Not mine.

Who has the time with a little person right?

Then I saw a friend’s dramatic transformation photographs. I was completely flawed. How did she do it?
She told me about the Kayla Itsines guide and I remembered that I had ‘once upon a time’ downloaded her free seven days guide never to perform a single one of the exercises.

I was even more sceptical because my friend was childless and wasn’t sure how this thing would eat into my time. Especially because my little boy doesn’t believe in sleep or schedules.

But I decided that I will reclaim my body. I would love to have energy reserves that put even the Flash to shame so I started two weeks ago.

Here I am world. And I humbly request your bbgmom / bbggirls wealth of support.


See you in two weeks with another photo update!

To health!!


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