Dear daddy who I never met


We didn’t get a meeting. Although you knew my name. I feel your loss so deeply. I suffer from this pain.
Since I was eleven the need for you has grown. It’s the echo of my heartbeat for the love you’ve never shown.

So many life events have come and gone without you presence near. Now at the age of thirty it’s too late for us I fear.
It’s not like I was angry or that I hated you.  You were the man who fathered me. I had hoped you’d just arrive on que.

But gone without a word you are without meeting your precious grandson.
I have missed you dad. I have missed you. Was I really the silly one?

If you could tell me how you feel like pride and joy and love. I could make a logical case that you were watching me from above. But in life, as in death, I fear you’ll keep away.

My wish to you like every year is Happy Father’s day.


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