500 words: Dear little person


Dear baby,

You are six months old and new things are happening around you all the time. For the first time you are going mobile. I have to admit it is a wonderfully scary thing.

When you were born I was clueless. I just knew that I loved you more than my own life.  I am devoted to be the best version of myself  for you.  I cannot change the world you live in but I can change myself.

You are so small but you already have big ideas.  I am afraid to leave you alone in a room. Yesterday you showed me you could lean right out of your bouncer chair. I don’t know how you figured it out but I think it is time for an upgrade.

You teach me. I have learned so much but the big one is to be patient. I have this incredible amount of compassion now which allows me to understand you better or just get on with things.
You don’t like solid food much. At four months it was all you could think of. You watched me eating making your mother feel self conscious but you don’t care about it anymore.
The follow on milk we got you is a waste. Smart bear only wants boobies. I am still clueless. How am I supposed to wean you?

You fill my heart with light bursts whenever you laugh.  Your little laugh is contagious baby. I am so happy when I hear you laughing. The first six months you were relatively easy to take care of. You didn’t allow me much sleep or alone time but I learned as we have gone along what not to do for next time. Now you are testing the boundaries. New Chapter.

Mommy just wants to give you a good life little one. If I can give you God and a strong moral compass. If I can see you be responsible and a caring human being, then I would have done a good job. Success and failure go hand in hand and I will be there to comfort and advise you.

But you have such a far way to go yet. You are scooting along as you teach yourself to crawl. You love to bounce and lean over my arms so you can watch my feet as we walk along.

I am excited for you. I can see how excited you are to walk and talk. You are fascinated by your toes and the screeching sound you make as I am fascinated by what must be going through your mind. I know that red is your favourite colour at the moment. Your first favourite colour was yellow.

Daddy bought you sneakers with colour laces and you love them. You had to taste them to make sure. Then you gave me a huge gummy grin. I thought my heart would explode. It has been doing that alot.

My darling I am never far. I will always be your Nani. You will always be my bear.

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