500 words: the writers dream


Dear publishing world,

Here I was at seventeen writing two novels and having easy access to my audience at the time. I didn’t make a dime but it wasn’t the point. I wrote because I loved to tell stories.
I also had a big imagination so loads of my supposed tales were more than a little padded.

My inspiration to help the world through story came from being introduced to Paulo Coelho novels through my darling cousin Allan. I read The devil and Miss Prim first. Fitting because now in life as a woman suffering from depression I find myself tempted by the devil often.

I could end my life. I could be free from the suffocating pain of pointlessness and drown myself.

But books are an escape.

Would you consider the world of escape provided to children living in Poverty? Children who are the outcast, weird and Wimpy. Children going to a school which now rather reminds them of Hogwarts instead of doomsday.

I would just like to create worlds of escapism for people. I love encouraging everyone to read. I also know it’s best to stick to one genre.

Dearest reader, I wish to comfort you. I want to inspire you. I promise to try and get back to writing well and creating world within which you can laugh and cry and shop and be free. Just for the length of stay between the pages of my books.

It is not easy. I am afraid and I am clueless. The only thing I know how to do is write. I don’t know how to edit beyond the first draft. I don’t know how to get the manuscript idea before publishers so I could get that first rejection letter. I don’t know and there is someone out there with the tools to show me but it is going to cost money I cannot afford. I know my financial constraints so I will continue to follow a JK Rowling path and just put my pen to paper.

Someday I will be there serving all of you.

For now characters like horsey in my children’s books frolic across pages. He does new things with Button bear and sees new places. They discover so much together. I am excited for my little characters and the world they live in.

For now characters like Ambrose and Callie learning about Chess and Chocolate and how to let go and live is still just a rough draft but I see their potential. I know what they could be. I know exactly where they are supposed to take your imaginations. I just have to figure out how to get us there.

For now characters like Florian and Catherine fall in and out of love. Broken and beautiful. Would you like to find your forever story?  I think I found someone who makes me feel like I am going to be inlove forever and be protected even when I don’t want protection. Passion. That’s what my novels create.

I have these characters ready and waiting to jump on to the pages of publishers print paper. I have stories begging to be illustrated.
I am living. So I write.

I write to create outside my heart. I write to make you feel.
Now I am learning how to write to get published. I don’t want to write in vain.

This is my blog. I can easily press the publish button but it will never reach every audience member I am writing for.  That’s why I love a book. That’s why as great as the e book is it’s just not good enough.

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