Day 3: Write what you know


Some days I have a story in my head but life is so disorganised that the hours slip away and I am left with nothing to show for another day on earth.

I signed up for the 500 words a day challenge about seven days ago and I have only managed three posts including this one.

This was the week my husband was even more ill than the week before and our son refused to sleep in his own bed. This was the week I faced the fear of being alone, raising our boy. I was pretty scared. I still feel sick just thinking about it. My six month old son growing up without his daddy. I cannot fathom it.

We had achieved a few milestones this past week which we were extra grateful for. Our three year wedding anniversary and the successful sixth months of being new parents and becoming a family.

I have to be honest. Parenting had been pretty easy going until this week. Suddenly our sweet boy started pushing the boundaries. I am physically and mentally and emotionally exhausted after the week we have had but we survived.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to write as I know doing this is a privilege. I don’t want to take a second for granted. I in no way take my small audience for granted. You take from your precious time each day to support another human being and her craft.

Thank you.

I have made a small promise to myself to write about my day in my journal. I would like to organise my thoughts and journal my feelings thoughts and prayers. The girl I was 10 even 5 years ago has changed and I have learned many lessons.

Someday I would like to look back and say it was worth the effort to document my life.

I want my life to mean something.

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