My Anniversary


Love is a choice.
Marital Love is not a feeling.
Being inlove ebbs and flows.
Love is the decision to make it work.

Couples should tell each other from the start. Divorce is not an option.

My husband and I have been married for 3 years.  I guess we didn’t have to get married. We just wanted to. I wanted to tell the whole world that this man is worth the risk.
I liked that he said after his previous experiences he had seen me walking with my friend and thought he had to get to know me. Then after ice cream with my friend and I he thought, she is definitely the type of women you can take home to your mother.
Never thought anyone would look at me like that. I was speechless. He thought he had offended his plain jane wife but I was feeling incredibly valued.

He only told me this the other day, by the way…
His previous accounts of his impressions of me at our first meeting had been more flattering.

Sometimes you will come across people who have decided that marriage is not for them. Marriage is not for everyone I do agree. But I wouldn’t agree that marriage is an unfair outdated practice. I guess half the world agrees with me too because the wedding business is booming.

I enjoy giving my son the stability of a family unit. I enjoy that we feel like we belong. Being single was fun. I had no intention of marriage. Ever. I had a good supportive amazing boyfriend. We had done the house hunting thing together. Gone through some tough times together talked about children and travelling but… Three years later things didn’t work out. I had invested my heart and my head but I still didn’t want to marry him.

The strange thing is after just six days my now husband and I were contemplating running to the registry office the next day!  Of course fear of our parents was greater so sanity prevailed. He followed me half way round the world. Went through hell. Ripped each other to pieces. Picked each other back up and four years later we ran to the alter and made a declaration.

I promise to be your best friend.  So I will be honest and tell you your new hair cut is questionable but at least it will grow out.

I promise to wipe your tears even when I cause them because we will argue and go to bed angry but I will love you.  I promise.

I promise to give you my full attention after you walk through the door and make you a cup of tea without complaint.

I promise to tell you how much I love your cooking and be your pastry chef. I promise I will kick against the curb if you require me to cook. I don’t like it.

You cook and I clean. I don’t care what my mother says. I don’t care about worldy conventions. I care about us and the world we create and agree on between the four walls in which we live.

I promise to be your ally. I will not disagree and embarrass you in public but I will be honest with you about my thoughts. That goes for everything.

Trust me. I love you. I choose you. Always.

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