The kiss

I held my head up to the sunlight. Felt the warm rays unknotting the muscles in my back.
My eyes take in the intense green colour of the grass. It smells freshly cut. Like Summer.

Fingers trace the insides of my feet. Run up my toned legs. His full hand gently massages my muscular thighs. I feel myself relax in to his familiar touch.   I wish we could stay like this forever. These moments don’t come about often.

I push up onto my side and smile into the eyes that have caressed every inch of my imperfect body. His head dips low. Soft lips kiss my shoulder. Tease my senses all along the line of my collarbone. He rubs his nose against my neck. The sensation tickles. I laugh at this. I feel his smile in my whole body.

I don’t close my eyes for a moment. The sky is blue. The floating clouds are thick and white billows of smoke changing shapes above us. His fingers circle my hip bone. It is the only bony protrusion that gives me hope that I can still come back from the weight gain.

He asks, “Where did you go just now? Stay in the moment with me. ”

I smile.  He is right of course. Silly girl.

My free hand smoothly goes through his hair. Then back again I touch the stubble on a face I haven’t inspected so completely since the heady intoxicating days of first love.

I think I am ready now. Ready to hand over my soul. 

His hand,  the same hand, the hand doing all the exploring of my soft curves  blazes a trail from the tip of my spine to the ends of my hair.

Resistance has never been an option.

He looks at me. His eyes see everything. I am his.

My eyes don’t close until the very last second. I remember hearing birds sing. I remember hearing the wind rustling through the leaves of the big tree.  I remember hearing the water musically running over and around the pebbles from the stream. I can feel the sun warming my face.

And then I was lost in his kiss.

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