Making a start

I want to write.
It’s not a decision as much as a need.

Two or three years ago I made a declaration. I wrote: I AM A WRITER.
And since then I have written less than at any other point in my life.

Sure success is a scary concept but it is the failure and criticism that is crippling. 

I have however managed to find myself in awesome company with the kind of critics who will criticise up.

At this moment Jeff Goins with his many hats like husband,  father,  writer, entrepreneur,  mentoring life coach = 💯 % real human being has just published and is offering his latest book available on Amazon together with four amazing bonuses to you!

Want to be a better than mediocre (fill in the blank) Look up The Art of Work on Amazon currently going at a 40% discount. Submit your receipt and enjoy the full benefits
*access to the Art of Work website including a pdf copy of the book
* join an exclusive fb tribe of people full of heart
* four excellent coaching videos and
* the audio book (only available for a limited time)

It’s all very exciting and a challenging opportunity to better your life on a whole .
Listen to his interview podcast here

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