2014 Hallelujah


Hi team, I trust your 2014 is getting underway in luxuriously leisurely manner. Love, peace, prosperity and buckets of inspiration to you, your families and never to be forgotten, your characters.

I know I have been silent in the fourth quarter of the year 2013 but I was re recuperating with my family and I was just not feeling  inspired enough to write anything except a diary entry. Although, truth is, I didn’t manage that everyday either.

Change is not an easy thing for me to do. I realised I might have been over confidant in my ability to leave my family, my friends, and my old life behind.

This time, after being back in Cape Town for four months without my better half, I am ready to try again taking the lessons I’ve learned with me and accepting my life for what it truly is; a journey and not a destination.

I am counting the days. Soon I will be back in my own silent retreat. Back with my confidant. My love. My best friend. We will start off 2014 a little late but my motto is as always, everything happens for a reason.

For the next two weeks I will be doing last minute visits, last minute buys, sending off more boxes for posting and lastly;  wrestling my suitcase into submission. Going from high Summer to high Winter, I can only hope the bed will be a comfortable one, because it is where I will be spending the majority of the icy days.

I certainly look forward to completing the Jeff Goins 31 day 500 words challenge to kickstart my 2014 writing.

Chat soon and as always, be bold, be happy, be brave, be Vogue.

Cindy Wade

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