The Write Practise: Reinvention

I am constantly thinking about this writing career. Sometimes about my English languege teacher Mrs Zietsman who always encouraged my thinking outside the box. My classmates loved the cheek in tongue speeches I wrote and my girlfriends wondered how I could write the best character synopsis without even reading the setwork book. I just listened.

When did I stop doing that?

I reinvented myself when I left high school as most of us do. I was keen to study drama. I love the stage but with money not readily available at the time I found work in a call centre. And the eventual events which led to the inspiration for my novel An Office Affair took place there. But office environments soon bore me so after a life crisis I took a job as an au pair overseas … And this is where I discovered my true passion. Writing. Telling stories.

I’ve always been attracted to stories with tragic relationships. I’m not always sure why but you will agree there’s a truth in them. No relationship is ever perfect.

I also have this passion for God. As a twenty something I needed something stable to turn to and I found it in God.

If I didnt have any money issues and I was unafraid of backlash I would want to help woman be good wives and mothers.
I know too many woman who think the way I use to. Then I discovered the fascinating woman course and book and it has made a big difference in my relationship. It’s difficult at first but oh so rewarding.

Now I’ve gone from a feminist to a feminine woman and I love the visible change around me!

I have a brand new novel now keeping me up all night. A few characters not allowing me my own thoughts as they bicker in head.

What are your first few weeks like at the beginning of a new novel? How do you reinvent yourself?

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