Writing : NANOWRIMO 2013

I have these awesome moments of clarity. Moments, although brief, of pure clarity. It makes me think of a Gnarls Barkley song, ‘Crazy’. My moments of madness is also my moments of complete clarity. When there is complete emptiness. White noise. 

History shows that most geniuses were considered nuts. I am in no way speculating that I contain such genius, but what if?

I’ve spent the past week working on my NANOWRIMO project for 2013. What is NANOWRIMO you ask? 

It’s NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth. It’s the place you start when you want a push to finish that novel or short stories you have been dying to write. Something fun to do. Nothing to it! You can even join a group or start a group in your area. The site even has downloadable posters for you to leave around town or your favourite coffee shop. Hop over to the website, register and read away and the best part is, it’s for FREE!! No lies. The only bad news here is…

I’m still trying to get my laptop fixed. If that fails Cape Town will be less +- 50 000 words. Do you remember how much fun last year was? Working by day, writing by night. The copious cups of coffee. My notes and my tears and the sigh of relief when it was all over. You’re a 2012 winner!!

Pretty soon the craze will start. People from all over the world will start this writing madness and thousands of short shories or novels will be pumped out and hopefully shared with the world. I say approach it like you would any other very, very important task.

Join up at www.nanowrimo.org

 You can do this. You’re a writer. An artist. Too modest for your own good. Go on! Start writing.


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