Twenty Something


How I long for the playground and the carefree laughing days,

When the world was my oyster and I put on school yard plays,

I was young and full of dreams for all my grown up years.

None of these twenty something strangling my dreams, fear.

So into my twenties I venture with delight,

Travel the world and kiss a boy, I live without a single fright!

Lived through my first heartache, my first heartbreak, my first taste of real life.

No books to shelter feelings. No teachers to ignore. Do I own the right?

Just standing on my own two feet.

Slowly my heart will turn to stone and the walls will come up. 

Sometimes I believe I am a failure and that I’m suppose to be where I am not.

Look upon others success with a mixture of envy and desire, making me a liar.

Who can I look up to in this decade of untruth?

I take a deep breathe and I wait for a sign that will never come…

Because living successfully isn’t about luck. It’s about hard work. It’s pitching up.

I figure it out as I reach the end of a decade. The cusp of a new decade.

I might work for the rest of my life. I might be happy doing so. It is up to only me. Always.

So ask the big questions. That is what being alive is for. 

Can you decide to be anywhere without ever opening the door and stepping out?

Fear is as fleeting as happiness. Just decide.

Being twenty something is a blessing, a journey, a ride.

By Cindy Pascolene

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