Welcome to the trip

Can I just say that my husband has a problem with taking my good advice, and always learns to regret it but doesn’t listen.

After an emotional good bye at Cape Town International with the family we headed off to departures and nearly got stopped at customs for an expired passport. (note: keep all travel documents updated even if you do have multiple passports) We are through but with too much hand luggage. (note: they are usually very serious with hand luggage policies. Please adhere to them.) After negotiating we get on board with everything. The last to arrive.


Emrites staff Cape Town to Dubai are wonderful! I sobbed right through take off so it was traumatising but that is all over now.
In flight everything was worth 4/5 stars. I was happy and that is really the only opnion that matters here.


Getting to Dubai however was chaotic as passengers jumped from their seats before it was ‘safe’ to do so and it was literally grab and go! Out of the plane and assulted by the heat and then taking the baffling 15 minute ride to the terminal was one thing. Realising a jacket and a bag was left behind and ground staff wouldn’t assist was another. I really wasn’t impressed with the whole Dubai experience and was relieved to leave.

Arriving in Dublin, Ireland was exciting. I remember smiling at as the plane taxied past the sign and the surprise I felt at this smile. Then walking through the airport, my arms now barely able to support the hand luggage from sheer exhaustion. Customs was my first Irish experience and it was friendly and interesting. I managed to speak to someone from Emrites with regards to my lost baggage and was advised to email the airline from the website. I’m too tired to feel dissapointed.

We finally get our baggage. Get to freshen up and get out of the airport. Seeing my in laws was an actual relief. Exhaustion and vulnerability can break you down. The car was loaded with our ton of bags and we began a three hour drive to their house.

I can’t wait to take a shower and sleep. But will I feel better because I miss home so much…



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