Goose cottage Stanford


Natures all about

Friday morning
Its sunny and the drive to Stanford through Hermanus is idyllic. Upon entering the town we see many homes for sale. The recession is obviously far from over. We spent some time looking for it as the board was down but after a quick call from a friendly neighbour Judy stands in the road, just a house ahead, to greet us.


View from the patio

First look.
Its exactly the way Safari Now have advertised it. I wouldn’t change a thing. The little details have made it home. I know I’m going to like it here.


Breakfast things

The little kitchen is stocked with basics as it is a self catering establishment ideally for two. I love the book collection in the book rack but when I enter the bedroom I’m completely sold on where to spend the bulk of the weekend. It is perfectly romantic! Crisp white linen on the bed and thick white towels in the shower. A little piece of heaven.


Patio view Goose cottage

I spent time writing and reading, while my husband spent time walking through the town, walking through the gardens, and having a bit of a braai on Saturday night. So many stars out, the city has long lost its appeal.


Writers nook

Time so say goodbye.
On Sunday morning after breakfast we get our first visit from the two canines. A black Labrador and a cheeky Jack Russel. Life is just perfect and we could remain like this forever.
At long last after taking the advice of our welcome card we have spent the morning chilled but it is time to get back to Cape Town to pack our suitcases.

Thank you Judy, Keith and Goose cottage for restoring our sanity in such tranquility.


Bedside arrangement

This is perfect for those seeking quiet and privacy.


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