Be generous



Hi friends,

Since I was young, I have always enjoyed the company of the aged. They are just the best story tellers. Have you ever met a grandma or a grandpa without a story to tell? And right from the beginning you are absolutely captivated! Which is why…

As my immigration to a new country looms in mere weeks, I am overwhelmed by all the things that still need doing. Unfortunately, I had to deal with a rather difficult cancellation this morning. I had to cancel my meals on wheels sponsorship. A meal sponsorship for the aged in South Africa. It was a mere R180 to give a old person a warm meal 12 times a month. It’s a small gift to give but a great reward.

Can you stand the idea of an old person having to go to bed hungry? I can’t.

My sponsorship unfortunately, is cancelled for now until all my financials are in order on the other side but I need your help! See a brief message from Erika Botha below.

Meals on Wheels was founded in 1964 and, since that time, we have discovered that it is a very special kind of person who finds a place in their hearts for the struggling aged. We wish to thank you, therefore, for being that very special kind of person. We salute you for your kindness and for your humanitarian commitment.

Please keep in mind at all times that you are sponsoring a real person who has very real needs – one whose life is going to be just that much more bearable as a result of your kindness. We trust that you will enjoy the thought that every meal that we deliver to our struggling old friends is always received with much joy and thankfulness.

More than this, your gracious sponsorship gives us the confidence to make meaningful long-term commitments to those in our care. These are the kind of commitments that enable the elderly to enjoy the peace-of-mind that they so much deserve in their sunset years.

You will be happy to know that Meals on Wheels Community Services is registered with the South African government as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO Number 930032581). This means that all of your contributions to Meals on Wheels are exempt from tax. We will mail you a tax deductable receipt every year in June.

Should you have any queries regarding sponsorship, or with regard to the Meals on Wheels program, please ring Erika or Yolandi at 0860 000 700 (your call will be billed as a local call).

Please Click Here to view a video presentation of a Meals on Wheels Makeover that was embarked on in partnership with the staff of the UK Embassy and Natures Choice.

Should you not already have done so, please visit and subscribe to our newsfeeds. We look forward to a long and meaningful association with you.

Yours sincerely

Erika Botha
0860 000 700

So there you have it. They need your dedication. Do you have it in your heart to feed one person?






2 thoughts on “Be generous

  1. We have MOW here in the US. Is a very important program. Not just for the food but the social contact it provides. It always burns me that the government can find trillions of dollars for wars and then can’t find the money for the poor, hungry and homeless.

  2. Someone who shares my world view! Finally! Let’s make a scene and blog about it till we are the newest guests at G.Bay … oh wait wasn’t the administration going to close that down??

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