Inspired by Glee







Oh God-our heavenly Father.


Oh, God-and my father


Who is also in heaven.


May the light of this


Flickering candle


Illuminate the night the way


Papa, please forgive me.


Your spirit illuminates my soul.


Try to understand me;


Papa, don’t you know I had no choice?

Papa, can you hear me?


Can you hear me praying,


Papa, can you see me?


Anything I’m saying


Papa can you find me in the night?

Even though the night is filled with voices?

Papa are you near me?


I remember everything you taught me

Papa, can you hear me?


Every book 1’ve ever read…


Papa, can you help me not be frightened?

Can all the words in all the books

Looking at the skies I seem to see

Help me to face what lies ahead?

A million eyes which ones are yours?

The trees are so much taller


Where are you now that yesterday

And I feel so much smaller;


Has waved goodbye


The moon is twice as lonely


And closed its doors?


And the stars are half as bright…

The night is so much darker;


Papa, how I love you…


The wind is so much colder;


Papa, how I need you.


The world I see is so much bigger

Papa, how I miss you


Now that I’m alone.


Kissing me good night…


*Warning:This might be one of my weirder posts.

Last night after I’d long given up trying to come to terms with cutting characters and happily accepting the plot changes, I sat myself down on the couch with a nice cup of tea and watched a rerun episode of Glee.  Season 2. I might lose you now …

Before I wanted to write , I wanted to act and sing. I did both well. I had natural flair. My singing career was cut short with the death of my choir mistress and my acting career never really took off due to finance and my fear of success. It’s a real thing apparently. My therapist is busy getting into murky waters … can you tell?

Back to Glee.

It was Yentl. This song sung in the most poetic way I’ve ever known. It was so beautiful and I was mesmerised. I couldn’t look away. I wanted to be there with her. Acting, singing, praying! I was moved.  I felt so inspired to blog it at that moment which is how this post came about.

Happy mid week bloggers!


5 thoughts on “Inspired by Glee

      • There are two many songs to name. I love orchestral music myself–be it soundtracks from movies, classical, or Celtic music. I have been inspired by music by Josh Garrels, Ray Lamontagne, Nickel Creek (anything folksy/artsy). I do always connect with singers who truly are passionate and real with their performances–like Adele, or the Wicked soundtrack, Phantom of Opera, even some Glee (although I’m not a huge Glee fan, really). Any music that is heartfelt and passionate. 🙂

      • I’m a big fan of Adele, I loved listening to Katie Melua when I was younger I really enjoy Michael Buble and Josh Groban especially because the music moves me. Phantom of the Opera is one of my favourites and I just recently watched Les Mis on the big screen. Hopefully soon, when I move to the UK I’ll be able to see performed live. When I was about 10 I was the lead character in a musical, The Kings Clothes and I loved it! I still consider it to be one of my highlights. Sad huh?

      • Haha I think it’s something to be proud of! I was the lead in a play way back in junior high…I’m still proud of it! 🙂 Haven’t done anything since acting wise, but oh well. That’s cool that you’re moving to UK!

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