A vintage love affair that has definitely improved over time

A vintage love affair that has definitely improved over time

This morning I got a great note from the WordPress gang, congratulating me on 2 years of blogging today. I went about looking through the posts of the last two years and found some interesting gems and some not so great posts but it’s all been part of my journey.
So thank you! All of you for keeping me pressed for words. Reading them and liking them and sometimes even commenting!
Good news!
Last year November when I started the NaNoWriMo challenge I had no idea what to write about. I dug out the short story and turned it into a novel. Last week, I blogged that I had won the competition through Change it Up Editing and Writing Services. I could send Candace 1500 words of anything I wrote and she would edit them at no charge! I was really nervous but I thought I had nothing to lose.
I sent it off…. and …. Candace came back saying that An Office Affair has loads of potential! So … you will be seeing alot more of Catherine Coyles on these pages. I’d love to hear what you think of her. I’d love for you to fall as madly inlove with her as I have.
The experience with Candace is really great. She is very professional and yet I find her wonderfully personal too. I think I’ve given her the permission to do that, because on this really tough journey of becoming a publishable author, I’d rather be working with a professional friend, than a professional know it all.
Visit her blog at http://changeitupediting.com for more information and find some really witty and fun, inspiring and informative posts.


8 thoughts on “WordPressed

  1. I Am So Honored! | change it up editing

  2. [ Smiles ] I would also like to congratulate you on two years of blogging with WordPress. I wish you more happy years with the WordPress family!

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