The promise of You

ImagePhotography by Kristen Cook.

New life. It’s a sign that God hasn’t tired of us yet. Someone famous said it.

Remember when you found out you were about to have a baby? That a new life was busy forming. The fear! How terribly overwhelming but the sheer joy that this was actually happening! Do you remember how your parents use to look at you when you were so small. Do you recognise yourself on your baby photographs? Who is that tiny person? What would that little life grow up into?

There you are with the promise of the world at your feet. Coming with the promise that anything and everything is possible. Fearless. Without boundaries.  Now we are scared. Now we feel limited.

The world didn’t change. It is what it always has been.

You’ve changed.

Lets change our perception of life. Let us remember what promise we once had and let us realise what a bright and beautiful future we all have. Let us remember how we can change all our tomorrows.

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2 thoughts on “The promise of You

    • Oh! Congrats! That is amazing. Its a very exciting time for you. Live in every moment even when they are overwhelming and I’ll be praying for baby. Congrats again and thank you for your comment.

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