Building the Brand


For sometime now I’ve been playing around with the idea that I am a brand and I need to learn how to market myself better. It was an amazing year 2012 and coming off from the many highs as well as those realistic lows that happen to all of us I felt the need to buckle down and do something useful.

Have you ever felt this way? Please let me know. I love hearing your thoughts.

In our first meeting for 2013 my boss asked us to give at least one resolution. I work in a marketing department and brand management is a word used everyday. It’s our job. So when going around the room and listening to the resolutions I noticed a few meaningful ones. One in particular was to watch at least one sunset per work week. That is a measurable goal. It’s perfect. I realised it is what I’ve been doing wrong all this time. I can’t just say I want to lose weight. I need to be detailed and specific. One sunset per work week. 

I’ve broken down my building the brand strategy with the help of Danny @ Firepole marketing into a few blocks. I need to figure out what I am all about and if I say I’m all about writing I need to take it seriously and when I say that, I need to ask myself the question – what do I mean by that exactly?

I’ve started off with something silly and small. What do I smell like? It’s awfully silly I know but when I was at my grans last week and I was rummaging through her cupboards it smelled like her. I’d know it anywhere. It’s her essence. Her brand. Her trademark. 

This is going to be a long and arduous journey filled with a lot of scary changes and many, many smaller, not so scary changes but by 31 December 2013, I am going to be alot closer to knowing what I am all about and where I am going.

A big and awesome awe inspiring thank you to Candace at CHANGE IT UP EDITING for surprising me with a win to a Facebook draw she held this week. It was totally unexpected but does confirm my believe that good things comes to those who remain positive and put out positive energy. She will be editing or proof reading 1500 words of An Office Affair the novel. I hope that it will be published someday and all 187 of you will be able to say that you read all about the authors struggles with the book and the man behind the book right here on her blog.

Thank you for reading this post. You are and will always be one in a million!



3 thoughts on “Building the Brand

  1. So now you have two measurable goals–one is find out what your smell essence is (my daughter and I had that conversation last week–weird!) and the second is to build up your blog followers so more people will learn about you and your writing journey!

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