My friend

Last week I had seen two of my good friend that I hadn’t seen for a while.

We had kept making dates and things kept coming up but eventually I pinned one down and accidentally bumped into the other the following morning.

The one thing that stood out to me regarding these two meetings were our friendship and how important it was at that moment for me to be a friend. A real friend.

I listened to their plights. I could offer my shoulder and some advice. My reward was the smile on their faces when I left them to continue on with their lives. I made my friend smile again. That’s what I thought.

I often wonder what it is that I should be doing with this God given life of mine. Its at moments like these when I can be a friend to others that I am so very grateful to be alive. My friend, very silently thanks me with a smile.

We all have a purpose. Big or small.

Live your life one day at a time my friend. We all run our own race. You can’t outrun yourself. You can’t compare yourself to others. A goldfish cant cover the ground of a whale. At your own pace. Creating your own story. Sharing your beautiful spirit. You have a role to play. Don’t try and be someone else.

Just be yourself. Be a friend.Image



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