It’s Vogue.

I was supposed to blog this weekend. I promised some feelings about two books I read in my blog post, Gremlins and holidays.

Then tragedy struck.

To understand this I have to give you a bit of background information. I didn’t grow up around

labels. My mother wasn’t ever into any labels of her own.  She worked solely on a budget and on a ‘if you really need it, wait till the end of the month’ basis. As I grew older it bothered me less. Kids in grade school were really the brand slaves but high school kids just wanted you to be normal. I wasn’t. Ever. 

So on Saturday afternoon when husband and I were hanging out on a deserted train station waiting for a train that only arrived fifty minutes later I was so excited I just jumped up and headed for the train. My dear husband was trying to be a multi millionaire on my phone and so we were rather distracted. Sitting down and chatting away, I suddenly put my hand on my head and discovered my sunglasses were missing.

‘Oh no. No! No! No! Please, please, please!’ I begged as I rummaged through my handbag.

He stopped looked at me and asked one word. ‘What?’ I’d left them behind on the bench. I’d changed positions so often in those fifty minutes that somehow they had been left behind.  Quite simply I was devastated. I think he could see I was on the verge of tears and just said that these things happens which was such a relief. It had briefly crossed my mind that he might get mad but he didn’t. It actually made me feel worse. I needed to get mad with someone and if he was mad at me I could be mad at him for being mad at me and that would make me feel better – because these kinds of things happen. I was left to feel really bad with myself because he was so sweet and took me to get another pair.  Sadly, after two years the style I had is longer on the shelf and I’ve ended up with a really light pair of subtle cat eyed Vogue sunglasses.  I loved that pair of sunglasses. I loved what they represented and how I felt whenever I wore them. Now that’s gone.  Welcome Vogue 2.  Goodluck.

2013-02-02 20.58.53


12 thoughts on “It’s Vogue.

  1. The only thing worse than losing your favorite pair of sunglasses is losing someELSE’s favorite pair that you borrowed–ouch! I think true love is having a partner who doesn’t get angry or say “I told you to be more careful!” when you do stuff like that! Hope you learn to love Vogue 2.

    • I can’t imagine – he actually said that! He said if I had lost his he’d have been so p*ssed! Uhm … it’s growing on me.
      Thank you for sharing you’re thoughts. You’re one in a million.

  2. As much as we try not to get attached to things (“the best things in life aren’t things”) we do. The loss of cool accessories is deeply felt when they irrevocably go AWOL. May new sunglasses brighten your life soon!

    • I thought I wasn’t attached to things but when I lost these sunglasses it was a very unexpected feeling of great loss. I now realise I have certain material things that are of sentimental value which isn’t the same as being attached … or is it?

      • I think that is an unanswerable question. Or one we may not want to investigate too deeply. I tend to get more upset over my Dollar Store treasures and thrift shop finds getting lost, stolen, or damaged than my bigger ticket items. Strange, eh?

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