Gremlins and holidays


Some of you might have received an uplink about 15 mins ago about the best cakes in Cape Town. I’m still working on it. Blame the gremlins because the actual jpg refused to appear. My mac guru will be back soon.

How was the holiday and being back in the real world?

Well I absolutely loved every moment. I became a tourist in my own city. Which is Cape Town and I really saw what the tourists get to see around here. I live in a really neat place. I am so jealous of all these tourists that get to see more of the city I actually live in that I have to challenge you to do the tourist thing aswell. Then blog about it.

I am trying to cling to my memories of the holiday for dear life as the last 3 days have been mentally exhausting and I can’t clearly remember what life was like when I was living the brand.

Incase you are wondering I finished both The Shack and the Road less traveled and I will be blogging about each book this weekend.

Keep your eye out for the Valentines day Cake competition for all those Capetonian bloggers and how great the two books are that I completed.

I’ve purchased 6 more books so there’s a project for the next 12 weeks.

Ciao for now!


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