Last days

Of my 18 days of holiday there are only 5 days left. How did that happen? Making the most of them isnt the problem. Yesterday, I spent the day with gran – she is feisty! And that tells me she is well. Today I got out of bed rather early collected my new passport, yay, had chaivtea and a donut while watching the boats going by on the open sea. I love Cape Town. After walking through some sale stores I went up to have a quick smooch with husband. My afternoon was spent writing in a cafe, browsing through the sale section at exclusive books and collecting the 3 novels I ordered. I followed that with pizza, wifi chat and a movie.
Ending this relaxing day I sat at the marina waiting for hubbie to finish work. Travelling home was not as pleasant but now after a hot bath and a cuppa tea he is watching cricket while I write this in bed. I wish I could have more days such as these.


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