The terribly unknown

So I’m on Summer holiday from work. I say that like I take Winter holidays … I don’t and I think I should start but what I meant with the title is …

I was just informed by a close friend of mine that yet another woman that I am very well aquainted with is also pregnant. How many are there now? Whenever someone tells me they are pregnant I do a double take. I was especially thrown by this latest baby bump because I was always under the impression that the very idea of little people freaked the mother out. Okay it wasn’t so much an impression as it was the mother actually saying it in so many words but there it is. In a black and white picture. Her first baby. I spent the last few days dealing with admin and decluttering the house and today I happen to be walking through the museum when I was chatted up by an insanely handsome guy who travels for a living. Travels. And there I was. Wondering if I didn’t want to travel for a living instead. The Unknown can look so glamorous when you are not actually the person having to deal with the admin of that life. I know that my friends will tell me how lucky I am to be living this life and I know I am. I am very grateful for this life I’ve been blesssed with. It’s just that the known can become so mundane and the unknown addictive with it’s mystery and excitement. I am thinking of what is unknown in my life right now and the best I can do is dinner … do you see what I mean?


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