A quick Summer holiday

I am supposed to be on holiday soon.
What is usual is that everyone always wants to know what you are going to be doing.
What is unusual is that everyone is surprised when I tell them that I’m going to be doing nothing special.
Last year was 365 days long. Like every other year I guess. And this year will be 365 days long.
I don’t know what will happen this year. I have a general outline but life takes people by surprise. It takes me by surprise often. So for at least 18 days I will be reading the books I bought. Training my lazy muscles. Taking deep breathes a lot. Visiting the museum that was on last years to do list. Going to a movie by myself because I haven’t done that in a long time. Life of Pi seems like it’s the movie of the month. I’m awaiting Les Misrables with baited breath. I want to take long baths by candle light. Teach myself how to sip water. So what I’m saying with this is. For the next 18 days starting on 9 January I will be proving to my hard working body that I am fully committed to living the dream I’ve been writing about in my journal all these long months.
I will be reading at least 2 books in the next 18 days. I’m excited. How was your Summer/Winter holiday and what did you do with yourself? Inspire me.


One thought on “A quick Summer holiday

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