Last day of what was 2012

I must say this was an interesting year.

I have this life theory that every second year is a good year 2004 great – I matriculated and it was an amazing end to 12 years of slavery. 2005 not such a great year – lost the love of my life but 2006 made up for it when we found each other and I had my 21st birthday – Epic year! 2007 – Epic fail! Lost him and my mind and ran away to Europe to Au Pair. 2008 was a year of recovery – met my husband made some inroads into the woman I am today. 2009 got sick! got kicked out at home. had a mental breakdown 2010 – South Africa had the world cup and I was betrothed. 2011 …. what happened in 2011? 2012 got married but had a real couple of life threatening close calls as well. Nearly died, nearly got fired, friendships got tested, finished my first publishable novel, got in touch with amazing people.

I think in the grand scheme of things at the age of 27 I realise that at this moment in time the year I have is completely in my hands. I steer the boat. I’m Captain Jack Sparrow to my own love boat and it’s a really empowering feeling.

Things will be different this year. My life is moving on fast.

I look back on this year and I thank God for all the brilliant eye opening lessons I learned and I really wish the same thing for all of you too. Just tell yourself … I can make better choices. I can change my circumstances. If you can’t change it, please try really hard to accept it and find the positives in it like I’m doing right now. It’s only hours to go to the New year but everyday of 2013 is a chance to make a change. Forget the resolutions. They never last. Just … work hard and be happy.

Happy new you.



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