The Night Nanowrimo took a break

So last night I raced home and got into bed. This was not to sleep. It was to write without being disturbed.

This is really hard for me to do because I have one of the most comfortable beds ever made. It has the ability to call you to sleep when all you are doing is tying your shoes because the couch at the foot of your bed is heavy laden with clothing  which should be in the wardrobe but who am I kidding? There isn’t any space! I digress.

It bed, was my only solution as I knew that once Elliot got home I would not write another word and today was suppossed to be my off day from writing. I get too depro when I write so I tend to level the playing field for a day where I strip with wild abandon and just indulge in a good old conversation with a real human being. That human being is usually my grandmother but this Tuesday, my husband decided, he was feeling a little selfish and begged me to spend my off night off with him instead. I folded when he mentioned foot massage.

I had to be crafty about all of this writing though. I had learned a very dear lesson last week when I had left my writing too late and had to clock up 11 000 words in one weekend. I can’t let that happen again this weekend since Sabertooth and his wife invited Elliot and I out on a picnic this Sunday and with all do respect, gave me fair warning. I have to plan!

I clocked up 5000 words last night! It was all thanks to some tacos, a Richard Nixon movie and my husbands’ love of all things history! I was left to my own devices and it worked! I plugged in some lusty David Gray and the words just flowed from my fingers. I must say …. my poor main character isn’t having a really great time with men right now. It really sucks to be her and our hero … oh my hat! Somebody save us – oh wait, that’s me!


I officially stand on 36 600 which is basically going to carry me to Thursday 22 November. I have to be crafty and split it along those lines over the next few days.

Tomorrow will be a tough day for me, so if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, know that I’m going through something and say a little prayer. I won’t be writing either.

I’ll be back on Friday my fellow Nanowrimos. Clocking up the word count and kicking ass all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.

Have a great week.

This post clocked up 450 words.


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