NaNoWriMo Month







Strange title?

It stands for National Novel Writing Month to which I am a happy participant.

I’ve neglected my blog and home grossly the last two weeks but I have a good reason. I wrote a short story or Novella, if you’d like. (Marie says the only difference is word count) so I’m going to take her word for it, and I have been trying relentlessly to turn it into a novel. With all the other things to do, like work and marriage and shopping and sleep I just didn’t make time to write.

Nathan got me into this. He sent me the link and I gladly joined up forgetting about the challenge. This was 20 September. November was a long way off. In the mean time I continued working, being married, shopping and sleeping and on occassion a spot of tv and family visits.

On the morning of 1 November I opened my gmail and discovered the first NaNoWriMo email! It read welcome to the first day of your writing challenge and I choked on my coffee. Imagine the scene. Me sitting there chatting away waiting for the clock to strike 9. Taking a sip of warm delicious Nescafe coffee clicking on the email and coughing like a chronic patient. Panic set in. Here they were talking about plots and character outlines and I had nothing! I hadn’t even thought about it. By lunch I was resolved. I would not conjure up brand new characters from the back of the box. I was take the old characters out of the box and reinvent them! Yes, I was finally excited. I could finally do what I’d been meaning to do since 2010!

The first day went well. I managed over 2000 words! The second day the same thing happend. The third day I had a church meeting and the forth day saw only 900 words typed up and by day 5 my laptop was just standing there all by itself. I paged through the old script and laughed at my 19 year old self and the dreadful sarcasm and then after making the calculations and realising that I was now 5 days behind … I made my move.

It was me and the little purple A5. It went everywhere I went. I read it and made mental notes on what direction the characters would take. I scatched things out and put things in and by the end of last night and a marathon write up of 3289 words I can gladly say that I am all caught up! Okay like 400 words short of completely on target but I’m guessing if I write 3000 plus words in one eveing I should be fine for the next 5 days.

So … keep your eyes peeled for the Nanowrimo’s all over wordpress. It’s a movement you have to support.

Average words per day 1667 / My average words per day 1523 thus far

Total words 50 000 / My total words remaining 28 676

It’s day 16 / 14 days to go!

At this rate I’ll finish December 2 / finishing date November 30


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