Week 41

It has been a hectically busy week.

I’m so tired right now I feel like I’ve been fighting for my life but since the weather is promising to be absolutely amazing for a change, I’ve planned to be a good wife and I’ve decided to do a superb line up of whimsical.



Yes, this will be a good weekend indeed!

My inspiration for the weekend to you is to say – let your hair done, stand still look into your partners eyes and lightly touch your lips to theirs. You might just get lucky. Sigh alot! Get great music video and dance when no one is watching. I will also enjoy 10 minutes of watching a pilates dvd while I wish my last 5kg away and then rock a skinny girl dress on Sunday when for the first time in 4 whole years I go back to the village.

Dear miss writer! I wish you well. Go rock the world. See you back behind your desk in 48 hours.


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