It’s not funny

I say it’s not funny but I really think it is.

I subscribe to many blogs but rarely get time to truly appreciate the content. On the days I do read them I am amused at myself. I realise why I subscribe to the blogs. I realise they are a outlet. A source of entertainment. A compass of direction. A warm hug. A source of inspiration and very often a tinge of hopelessness and frustration. On days like these the blogs are my only motivation. To live my life to the full.

I constantly tell people I am a writer. That I love writing. That writing is what I want to do for a living.

I’ve heard all the best writers kept journals. I use to be really good at keeping a journal and a little notebook in my backpack. I use to write all day. I probably would have excelled in Business class had I paid attention to the lesson and not got so involved in creating the lives of Josh Gershater, his wife Sydney and their son Pio. (Pronounced Pie – Yo). This passion for their fictional lives lasted a span of 2 full novels and a folder full of rough drafts for third novel in the series. Except that novel shows how the writer goes off the deep end and gets awfully dark and twisty.

That’s just my work for you.

Then a year after I had left high school, at my first job, inspiration hit and An office affair was born. It’s just a short story really which I’m struggling to turn into a full novel. It’s working. I know exactly what is going to happen but  … I just can’t find the time to write. Not even a complete journal entry. I don’t even know where my journal is exactly.

Then I read the above post and I remembered this awesome quote in a journal I had in my final year of high school. It said:


just look at me now … little miss grey cubicle unable to string a witty sentence together. Where is the flair, the words, the voice, the dream gone? Packed away in storage along with my abs, my size 8 figure and my  hope.

Dramatic, I know.

Just remember to stand out of the crowd. So few of us are blessed with an ability to do good for the human race. So few of us can do exactly what it is we are doing now.

What are we doing now? Uniting in creating. The secret is in the joy of creating something that never was and then sharing it with the world for free! If that doesn’t make you just a little happier. If the idea of sharing yourself with someone else doesn’t make you smile and feel just a tiny bit excited … I don’t know what will do the job.

Now where’s my pens and paper?


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