The journey of self forgiveness

1ST Know that you are anointed for the job or position you now hold

2nd Don’t expect to be appreciated

3rd Embrace opportunities for change

4th Do the job well while remembering the vision

5th Don’t let environment get inside of you

6th Increase your capacity to work with difficult personalities

7th Where you are is not where you are going

8th Active optimal results with minimal confusion

9th Do not pledge allegiance to cliques and groups

10th Always keep your song near you

So in Jeremiah God says that he knew me before I was even born. Which is great! Because I need someone to know that I am not really a bad person and that I’m still beating myself up here for this great tragedy.

I tell myself. You have faced worse. This isn’t a life and death situation. Life will go on. This too shall pass but didn’t make me feel better. I haven’t been able to snap out of it.

How do I forgive myself? I have to accept that in this human body that I possess I fall and scrape my flesh. I stand up and dust myself off and feel the bruising and the hurt. Then a scab of protection and comfort is formed – just like all my friends and family who are now praying for me, comforting me, loving me. With time the scab will wash away and the skin underneath will be like new. I might have a scar to remind me of what I’ve done and been through but the lesson was learned and my body has got over it. It won’t hurt anymore.


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