What I know for sure

An honest expose.   
I’ve realised how my blind anger and frustration not only makes me stubborn but conceited aswell. I know too well in anger I tend to lose all eloquence and diplomacy. In order to shield the person I am angry at from my cruel blunt tongue I usually have a tirade with that person in my head. As I lay in bed tonight after a particularly hard day my mental tirade revealed this naked truth. I have the ability to hurt other human being with my undiplomatic view of what I consider to be the truth. I have realised if the individuals I lash out at in my mind could hear the words coming out of my mind, I would

have no family and no friends. I once was very angry at my husband for agreeing with someone that I was conceited. At the time I had a different view of the word until 15 minutes ago when the question popped into my head. Who are you to judge this woman? Have you stood in her shoes? Why would you cause her so much hurt with your tongue? Who has given you any right? Have. You. Stood. In. Her. Shoes? I must say i’ve come back to earth with a mighty thud! How can I dish out ‘what you should have done’ advice when I have no right to. I only feel shame. I feel guilt. I realise with crystal clarity I cannot profess to be a christian.     
This has been encouraged by my writing an honest piece task. Writing and publishing this is the scariest thing I have done


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