Your Birthday

I recently had a conversation about birthdays. I love birthdays and I agree they are days that should be celebrated without holding back. This is the day you came into the world and had your chance to be something, do something, make a difference. From the moment we are born so much is expected of us including finding our own path in this world. It’s alot for one little person but sometimes God gives you an infinite direction.

I’ve read, and re read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – just to make sense of my place in the world.

I think nothing slams the yearly (what am I doing with my life?) question home more than waking up one year older. My husband has another theory when it comes to birthdays but this is my blog. Suddenly you wonder if you’re really happy and if there isn’t supposed to be more to your life than there is now at this very moment. Know what I mean?

On the day you’re journey into this world started you knew exactly where you wanted to go. You didnt’ know fear and the possibility of failure didnt’ exist and as we grew older and the reality was that we could fail and we were given those false positive smiles from our friends, our siblings and even our parents because what we dreamed of doing with our lives was something they couldnt’ dream of for their lives we adopted their fear and their negativity and suddenly our dreams seemed to far to reach and our lives became mediocre.

Happy birthday to the May, June and July friends. I’ve missed a few birthdays this year and angered people. I’ve remembered a few birthdays this year and angered some more people. The positive influences and the false positive influences.

But for me this was a year I was also an inspiration to one person. I prompted someone to challenge the false positives and only stay focused on the positive and I challenged that person to start small and it’s working. One little piece of star at a time. Soon the night sky will be filled with little stars and it will be beautiful and I’ll feel like my life made a difference.


Happy Birthday dear friend. Focus on what makes you happy because once you’re happy everyone else around will be happy too. Happiness attracts happiness. Laughter attracts laughter and the darkness has nowhere to hide when you’re filled with light.

What are you doing with your life?

Be blessed and goodluck.


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