It makes you want to fall in love and run at the same time …


The Adjustment Bureau

I have to tell you about this movie that absolutely haunts me. I just cannot forget this plot. It is a writers dream. We all kind of walk around doodling everywhere thinking to ourselves while we brush our teeth or sip that hot cup of coffee – that would be a fantastic believable, best selling, movie making book. Anyhow, back to the movie.

There is Senator Norris and then naturally the very beautiful heroine Elise. Now then there’s these – how would I describe them? – Psychotic angel thingies; men short of being aliens. David happens to walks in on them recalibrating his friends’ mind. It is somewhat like – you tell your friend, partner, or boss something, which you know, will be beneficial or whatever and they totally disagree and a day or two later or even half an hour later they are totally selling the concept – to you! It is like magic and I know you know exactly what I am talking about. And you know when something happens like suddenly your keys go missing or you spill something on your shirt and you’ve got to change it, so now you’re late and then something amazing happens – that’s them! Well apparently, sometimes it is just coincidence.

They have the guy called THE CHAIRMAN – really? Original. Really original.  And he is the guy with THE PLAN. For all of us and then there’s Richardson, the know it all who is also the bad guy – a real stuck in the mud.

David loves Elise and she loves him – one of those breathtaking love at first sight stories but Richardson warns david to stay away from her but unfortunately they cannot give him a actual reason. “Fate” seems to keep these two apart until one day by “coincidence” David finds her again and it’s as amazing as it was but it causes trouble and then you find out that David Norris has gone off course and if these two once in a lifetime lovers stay together he’ll never become President of the United States and she’ll never be the worlds’ greatest choreographer and it’s all death and destruction and morbid music … you know the drill.

And why you ask? BECAUSE THEIR LOVE IS ENOUGH. Which is what most of us are looking for.

For the end, of course you will just have to rent the movie. But what I can say is – be weary, be weary of all men in hats! 🙂





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