The deal is…


My job.

What was supposed to be a stepping stone became a load on my back. When once I use to leap out of bed like a graceful gazelle I now lay in bed begging the alarm clock to stop pretending that the new morning is a wonderful event. More pillows please.So I changed my alarm clock message from Good Morning to Oh fcuk! Here we go again!

What will propell me out of this nightmare? I’m still thinking ….

So whoever feels just like me please be an inspiration and if you can get out! Get out! Run! Don’t turn back and keep going till your shoes fall off because being this miserable for a little stability is certainly not worth it.

I heard it causes all kinds of illnesses and diseases and malfunctions. I often daydream about what it would be like to be on the outside of the grey walls. To be free and able to do what gives me joy and satisfaction. I think its’ time to live a fulfilling life.

Any ideas?



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