Gallery: “And I think I would hav…

“And I think I would have missed you had I never met you.” the wedding date



4 thoughts on “Gallery: “And I think I would hav…

    • the trick to making comments Mr Wade is to log off from my user name and sign into your own wordpress account – remember sage – it’s that recipe/wine blog you started once and then make a comment – see – cause now it just looks like i’m talking to myself. I love you too baby.

  1. Awww, you guys are so beautiful together. It was an honour to be your bestman Cindy, I honestly never thought I would ever get that opportunity in my lifetime. I guess you proved me wrong so it was all meant to be. And yes, I do stalk your blog, just gotta learn to be more vocal by commenting 🙂 Luvvies!

    • I couldn’t have asked for a better man to stand by my side when I made the best decision and I am happy it all worked out. You made my day and I gave you the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m so happy you’re my friend. xxx

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