Gallery: Bridesmaids are overrated

I’m not a big fan. Let’s just be clear on that first.


I was reading yet another Angelina Jolie article the other day about her impending nuptials to long time partner Brad Pitt, (I’m more of a fan but I think he’s just a guy) and it made me wonder what all the fuss is about.

The tide is turning and there’s a major out cry as to Jolie not having any female friends and thus having to endure the humiliation of (que bad news music!) No bridesmaids! (Gasp) Yea. Really?

I know a few females. One or two could consider themselves really good friends. One or two could even consider themselves best friends. These ladies are all married and live out of reach making the duty of matron of honor not only difficult but impossible. Then there are the ‘call me’ friends who said a straight out – ‘no sorry honey, don’t think I can do it but I’ll definitely be there on the day!’ not to mention the actual bridesmaid bailing out a month after she accepted!

I’m telling you. Choose yourself a best man. Choose a train of best men. I had fun. It was amazing to be surrounded by guys all day. They waited on me hand and foot and when my new husband was too busy to hold the bouquet my best man was right there.

I loved that for once all the attention was on me. I didn’t have to stress about the dredded dress the bridesmaid would have to wear. No stress about her hating me and gossiping about the awful colour and fit that made her look like she was twice her size because, yea, I’ve heard those before. I’ve never been a bridesmaid but first time lucky, I got to be the bride.

So to all those gossip journo’s out there with nothing better to write about than the fact that the smoking hot Angelina Jolie doesn’t have girlfriends to bond over wedding details with. Guess what?? Bridesmaids are totally overrated!



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