Gallery: The best friends wedding

A little over a week ago, my guy and I made it official. I’m a Mrs!

It’s so strange.

I was sitting at home on the Thursday before the wedding watching one of my favourite movies of all time – My best friends wedding starring Julia Roberts and her delicious co star, someone or other and made my best man watch it with me. It was on etv at 8. We kept in contact via text messages throughout the movie although, with the last 40 minutes or so the communication was rather one sided. I later found out that he had actually fallen asleep. Honestly, there is only so much a man can do for his bride.

I think the one thing I really love about the movie is Julia’s best man so to speak. Such a Nathan*. Full of fun and good advice one really doesn’t want to hear but obviously needs to.

It’s when he says – The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup – I say a little prayer for you. And when I’m curling my hair now, and wondering what dress to wear now – I say a little prayer for you.

And now I find myself hum that little tune everytime I stand infront of the mirror or my wardrobe or even the stove for that matter because – forever and ever he’ll stay in my heart and I will love him together forever we never must part oh how I love him, together forever, is how it must be, to live without him will only be heartbreak for me – at this point I imagine all of you singing along loudly to one of the cheesiest songs.

I apologise.

Nathan Antonels was the best man any bride could have wished for. He arranged a steller hen party which was totally bride orientated. I wasn’t pressured into getting drunk and when I gave up stabbing my sushi with the sticks, it was ok to admit defeat and eat it with my fingers and best of all I was allowed to have fun and happily say goodbye to the fun of the past and I look forward to the adventures of the future, courtesy of my best friends and a really good bottle of red wine.

Our wedding day was one of the most enchanting days of our relationship thus far. I was on time to meet the groom at the church. Infact, I was just a tad early.  I had giggled like a silly girl when I realised the mist would clear and we’d have a sunny blue sky day. And I felt relief as my mom walked into my grans house with my bouquet in her hand and said those words every bride wants to hear. “You are the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. I’m so proud of you.” At that moment I just wanted to meet my husband at the alter already. So as I fussed out of the car at the church and my gran impatiently waited for the music to start, (I chose Josh Groban’s rendition of the Ave Maria), I took one last deep breathe, I hooked my arm into my grandmother’s and slowly guided her down the aisle. (She’s like 83) and as I had my Bella Cullen moment of turning the corner and looking at the groom I realised it was finally happening and all I wanted was to be – with him. My groom standing there looking so dapper was crying like a baby and remained in that state throughout the mass. I was handing him tissues and asking him to please stop the crying. He must of thought I was heartless but I figured that at this point – most brides had got it together.

He said his vows and I said mine and it was an experience I will cherish forever. I felt calm. Finally the storm had died.

The guests were all invited to a tea in the church hall where my father in law got to learn that his new daughter in law was really a lovely young woman and where I learned that we really do know a lot of people but that we certainly need to start choosing our friends a little better.

We had a long memorable and breathtaking drive out to Stellenbosch where we took photographs and had the main reception for our 48 guests. My now husband took me into his arms and swayed me to a 1000 years while the champagne flowed and our guests – all of them – chatted the night away.

The weather was magnificent and the planning was – almost – flawless, but I could not be happier with the result of the night.

Guests are still calling me up to thank us for the invite and for making them apart of the most memorable evening of our lives. It was intimate and special. My dress made the impact I was hoping it would! Finally. I was comfortable and happier than I’d felt in months. It was our day. A day made for love and blessed by so gracious a hand. It was more than I imagined. I didn’t expect anything per se but what we got in return was a great start to what I will continue to pray for everyday, a long and happy prosperous life.

To us.

 PS. photos to follow as soon as someone gets me some 🙂


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