21 days to go

Can you even believe it?

I can’t. In 3 weeks I will officially be allowed to call myself a Mrs.

How do I feel?

Uhm… I’m so happy it’s finally happening! If I have to deal with one more plan or explain one more wedding detail to my ever demanding mother I will run for my life. When I ventured on this journey of wedding planning I was never told it will be this horrific, this painful, this tiring and no one told me that my own mother would become public enermy number one – I’m screening my calls at this point.

At one point I really thought my fiance and I had it all under control. We seemed to know what we are doing. I plan things for a living after all! I mean really … how hard can planning a few things for a wedding be? It’s a small intimate affair for 48 guests. The Stellenbosch Protea Hotel was doing everything basically. I was even blessed enough to find the lovely and yet a bit intimidating Petite Bouchee (http://www.petitebouchee.co.za)  to do my wedding cake which I hope she will feature on her website with joy and all the added cakes and sweet decor for the venue so really all that’s needed was my dress and his suit.

You’d think that finding a maid of honor would be a walk in the park. Really? No. The groom didn’t have any better luck and we traded our best friends for our relatives. I now too have a best man. That’s apparently just how this worked out for me. I’m not complaining. It could have been worse! The groom still needs to get a ring, a suit and shoes. And so do our best men but not to fear there’s 21 days to go. Can you imagine what public enermy number one is like because of this little detail right now?

My phone is ringing right now and I just can’t bring myself to answer it.

She’ll be on about when the unity candle will be ready or when the confetti will arrive or if I’ve seen the veil yet or painted the house or addressed my stylist regarding my hair and make up or when I’ll be choosing the flowers and if I’ve remembered to print the hymne sheets for the church and what we are going to be doing about the ever elusive almonds not to mention, child, have you started on the lanterns and are you sure the car is definitely booked? (I’m a bit out of breathe, excuse me while I go have a scream in the stationary cupboard)

I had my hair done last night. That was a mission in itself.

In business you learn to hope for the best and prepare for the worst and right now I’m sure I’m dealing with the worst ever! I will be wearing a hat until my weave gets put in because my natural hair was a complete disaster. Not colgate smile worthy and definitely not walk down the aisle ready. I think I was ready to cry when I looked more like a power puff girl than regal Anne Hathaway. It can only go up from here.

So yes… dress is ready, shoes are being walked out. I have yet to catch a glimpse of my wedding veil but at least it is now safely in the same country as the bride. It came hand delivered instead of couriered to my girlfriend by her boyfriend and now he too will join us at the wedding and make up one of the 48 guests.

I must say… this is all starting to work out really well. 🙂


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