Happy Valentines’ Day

Happy stinking V day! Blah!

This is what I heard as I arrived at work this morning. I thought “really?!” is that what the world is coming to? some cynic thought it ‘hmmm I hate Valentines! It’s all a marketing stunt.’ and the rest of the world decided you are so right!

it’s not all so black and white

Well … I’m afraid poor St. Valentine couldn’t agree less. This was a day in honor of love after all. This day was celebrated long before Hallmark made cards and Woolworths did dinner for two at only R100. When roses cost a small fortune and saying ‘I love you’ was such a cliche.

I was educated in the way of love. Every Valentines from the age of 3 I was dressed up in the traditional red and white outfit. We’d take our teachers flowers – normally a red carnation – who says it’s all about my grans treasured rose bushes? – and we’d watch a romantic movie – something like Lady and the tramp – and then paints and crayons and paper and glitter were unleashed upon us to make cards and glitter hearts for our moms and dads and friends – for anyone you pleased really and go out and spread the love like a rash.

My mother and grandmother were really great at baking velvet cupcakes for our tea on a Valentines day and gran would gush about all her fondest memories of the Valentines days gone by.

I’m a romantic what can I say? I know that I’m loved everyday but on this day I go off into the world and I show it with my now grown up attire of red and black. I’m wearing roses on my hose and a sparkling diamond on my left hand. I’m all painted and polished and excited for what the day will hold.

Will I be getting a rose garden? Will we be sharing a candle lit picnic on our lounge floor? Will we be watching a chick flick on our new couch? Or enjoying a lovely candle lit bath together with hearty glass of red?

Traditional no – but I make my own Valentines day rules now, dont I?



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