Cheesy but Cute for Valentines’

I was sent this today by my favourite chowdown in town – PRIMI!

The candlelight made her look so pretty

and I was being both charming and witty.

I touched her hand and looked into her eyes,

I smiled and she … kinda looked suprised.

I leaned in for the perfect kiss.

She moved away and I missed.

Her chair rocked back and hit the floor

and I wondered what the hell she did that for?

I helped her up, then went to the gent’s

to figure out what all of that meant.

I glanced at my reflaction and tried a rue smile ….

The spinach in my teeth looked utterly vile!

I haven’t had such a bad experience but I use to send myself Valentine’s Day presents all through high school. I’m sure people started figuring it out but hey … it made me feel better! Three years ago I received 3 cards in the mail from my future husband which is the first and last time he ever gave me something for Valentine’s day. – I still love Valentines Day anyway … what does this make you think of?


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