A night with Josh Groban

Although I have to say as much as I wished it was just me and Josh Groban there was a stadium size mass of other people all sharing in my very private and personal experience with The Groban.

 At first it was quiet and the first people were asked to please fill out these questionares to see how concerts such as these impacted on the economy. Well it definitly had an impact on my life. It was making me feel all giddy and girlish for one. I was so nervous and excited that I was shaking like a leaf!

Then a set of girls joined me. They asked the obvious how big a fan are you? I felt heady saying I’d been a grobanite since I was 17! I was feeling rather old with these two teenage looking girls at my side until we exchanged ages and I found out I’m actually the youngest! Thank you ladies for telling me I look 22! You’re the best.

Looking up the arena was suddenly packed!

 I just couldn’t believe how fast it was all happening. Within  minutes he would be on stage and I’d be singing duets with him all night.

Then the fantastic unexplainable moment happend. When the lights go out and his band starts up and suddenly he’s there walking onto stage. The crowd goes wild and my heart skipped a beat as my stomach turned in on itself. I was totally drained by all the excitement now all I could manage was a faint sqeek in his very honorable direction.

His live voice was like magic. I still can’t believe I was actually there. I only have sketchy photos and a programme to show for it but still.

The night was filled with old and new and totally unheard of songs by the great voice that is Josh Groban. I was so happy to be able to redo our duet of Vincent together and I must say was really suprised at how absolutely funny he is. I’m happy that he developed an actual personality over the years. He was always seemed like such a shy geeky classical musician. I loved him still. Still wanted to be Mrs Groban*

I adored his crowd version of You raise me up and the Neil Diamond cover of Play me. Thanks to You Tube I get to relive the song every hour or so. It was an evening to be swept off your feet by the melody and the corny jokes and when it was all over I couldn’t believe it had been two whole hours!

Josh played the drums like a proffessional. Someone had been practising! I must admit … sometimes he sounded like he had lost his train of thought and the songs words got lost in translation somehow … I should know I was singing along and have studied everyone of the 88 songs available on cd excluding what was on the dvd disks not to mention those songs with other artists and those not available on any albumns in South Africa. Yes, I am indeed a Grobanite! Other than that his performance was amazing and worth 6 years,11 months and 26 days of waiting for his return. He made a promise that we wouldn’t have to wait that long again and I’m going to hold him to it.

Then he told me to smile, though my heart was aching, smile even though it’s breaking – and I wiped away a tear and laughed with the absolute joy that the evening had brought and just like that and with a smile Josh Groban was gone.

*ps I may not want to be Mrs Groban for a day anymore but I’ll always be his biggest fan. I’m using his Ave Maria on my wedding day as I walk into the church just to have the guy who has been apart of my history for so long apart of the big day. Michael Buble came in close with Best of Me as a first dance but that honour has now fallen to Christina Perri and A thousand Years from the breaking dawn part one soundtrack. *I wanted to be Mrs Cullen for a day too. 🙂


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