A tribute to a life dearly missed

There is a girl who lives in my heart who inspires me daily to live my life to the fullest.She was my best friend for the longest time. I believe we would be the closest two women today given the chance.

We met when we were about 8 years old. She was still fairly new in school and a novelty to the other kids. One day during our break she sat on the steps in front of the classroom with her head in her lap and she was crying. Kids were milling around her and I, little miss nosypants, overheard the other children saying that her father had left the country that morning. So I went on my haunches in front of the crying, really pretty 7 year old and I asked, “why are you crying? Is it because your daddy left?” At that she looked up at me with a really red face and smacked me. I remember that I sighed, sat down next to her, put my little arm about her shoulders and became her best friend.


About a year or two later her parents decided to get back together and her mother moved to New Zealand. I was distraught to the point of overly dramatic! I thought pretending to want to throw myself down the schools flight of stairs would make her stay but she didn’t. Instead she labelled me nuts and found herself a new friend. After they’d moved I bravely got in contact with her again and we resumed our friendship. She had long left the replacement friend behind.

A love affair that would last until our dying day began and we were each other’s salvation many, many times. She was my friend. My diary. My sister.

Unfortunately life happened and she was taken away from me in a car accident 8 August 2004. She was only 18. I still miss her. The longing and sadness never seems to go away and I think about her more and more often as I venture into my life with no one to turn to.

Last night I read her letters to me spanning about 5 years. It breaks my heart knowing that she will never be able to fulfil the dreams she once wrote to me about. But, it really makes me happy that I once had the opportunity to be her best friend. That, once I could mean that much to another human being. No one will ever know my heart. I miss you so much and I wish you were here with me helping me prepare for my wedding. These tears won’t dry.

A poem by Leonie Kleinsmith.

Written on strangely enough, 8 August 2002.

From across the seas

You’ve kept me sane

From around the world

You’ve helped me be brave.

You were there

Right from the start

Even now that

They’ve pulled us apart.

With your help

I couldn’t have made it through

And I want you to know

I’ll always be there for you.

I’m there for you

And you’re there for me

And that is how

We’ll always be.

Close your eyes

And I’ll close mine

You choose the place

I’ll choose the time.

To Dream.


4 thoughts on “A tribute to a life dearly missed

  1. Cindy – thank you 🙂 What more can I say. Mum passed your blog onto me just this morning and said “save this till later when you’re at home”. Me being me, I had to read it now and sure enough I’m sitting here at work with tears in my eyes. She will be missed, but you’re right in that at least we all had the time with her and were fortunate enough to know her. We once had the opportunity to be with someone truly special. And that will never be replaced.

    Take care – I take solace in knowing that she had people like you who loved her (and still do!).
    Michelle Kleinsmith

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