I miss you ever constantly

through the days and the nights

When weeks turns to months

and months and years.

Although I fill my days now

with things I love to do it remains

a distraction only.

As nightfall brings memories of you, everything will continue to change.

Spring turns to Summer then Autumn, then Winter , then Spring again.

And the birds fly away and the flowers decay.

The rainfall and snow and sleet

and slowly I always feel the return of heat which brings life to the earth

filled with hope and new beginnings.

Not for me.

As I still continue though all this to miss you constantly.

However will this life be happy?

However will any happy days remain?

You’re gone and my life will never be the same.

I miss you constantly more than you’ll ever know.

I miss you constantly through tears and heartache and woe.

Go well.


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