from the heart

If you’ve ever wondered what I’m thinking, I wondering along with you.

I wish I didn’t have this sinking feeling I wish I felt as content as you.

I’m not asking for laughter all I need is a hearty smile.

I don’t need what most are after, I’m not asking for alot. I’m not asking

for myself at all. I’m content with all I’ve got. My sinking feeling is for the

others … the deep dark in despair … the ones this heart so lives for …

why is this life not fair?

If I could bring such sunshine … if I could be of help! I guess I’m not content

at all because I’ve cried alot. I’ve cried because I love you. I cry because

you hurt. I cry because I’m lost and no matter where I search … I’m tumbling

into darkness and they are calling off the search.

So shine a light this way, oh please! Just one star to shine ever so bright. Just

a diamond in the sky in which we can take delight. A little ray of hope is all …

though it may last for just a night … tomorrow in the gloom of day, we might

live life with a little more fight.


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