The lonely world

As big as our world is today with all the lastest fashion, movies, cellphone technology and people air kisses the crap out of each other from Strand beach to Camps Bay isn’t it any wonder that we are more lonely than ever??

Has digital become our only means of communication – not forgetting the ever growing BB generation? Great for making appointments but no one I know actually fulfilling them.

I love facebook! but nothing can replace the warth and honesty of sitting in the same space as one of my girlfriends enjoying the same view. I’m really tired of the proverbial “wish you were here” postcards that everyone keeps meaning to send and the oh so comforting ” I was just thinking about you!” When I’m once again the one to keep in contact. If I had one rand for everytime I heard that, I’d be well on my way to financial freedom! Guess what?? We all have lives but we should make time for one another!

Even Japan needs comfort and love and blankets.  e blankets and e food aren’t going to save them right now, no matter how many well wishes any of you twitter away … and it certainly doesn’t help me much.

I’ve noticed how depression and fatigue set in during the cold winter months and hope that this year you go out and spend that little more time with a girlfriend per weekend just hanging out. You’ll feel like you had an actual weekend and like you actually mean something to someone. That a body other than that of your significant other was willing holding onto yours and thinking … I love you and you are important to me too. I need you in my life …

It reminds me of the four sex and city girls … the scene when Carrie is jilted and Samantha! comes in, wakes her from her dark place and feeds her … it still brings tears to my eyes … every girl needs a girlfriend … infact you need 4 more because no one person can fulfill your every need and neither can you’re husband!

This is why you find friends. The fashionista with invaluable tips and shopping sprees bringing out the shopaholic in you … budget lane … vintage street … she’s there and she knows where to find them! Then your healthy friend that goes for a jog or a hike or cycles or swims … this could be your dog and he would really need you to get off that couch three or four times a week! Naturally we all need the grown up friend! The one person who isn’t your mother that offers you advice and offers up hilarious words of advice and experience which inspire blogs and the like. The friend whose shoulder we can cry on when things get rough … honestly speaking all our friends need to be there for us in that way but because we cry we need the kick ass friend! The girl who kicks your sadness in the ass and promises you she’ll kick who ever it was who made you crys’ ass. That girl who parties and takes you along and says lets get drunk so that the grown up friend can be the designated driver so that your fashionista friend can dress you up and make you up and the healthy friend has work to do days after the binge of chocolate, woolworths donuts and your grown up friends’ home cooked heat up meals have made a dent in all your hard work. Then you have the friend that is just there … hanging out in the background … sitting on your couch … the quiet soul. The one person who doesn’t judge you in any way even when the other four don’t mean to.

This year I challenge you to be a present friend and I promise you … you’ll be a healthier happier person for it.

PS. this blogger has at least 3  friends. i’m still here btw without a drivers liceance or any cooking skills but lots of space for the rest of you to become  closer 🙂


2 thoughts on “The lonely world

  1. True words!
    Unfortunately the world has gone digital and sum friendships too, but those true friends will make the time…its not in the every week visit or call…its in the interest showed in ur life, being there regardless of once a week, once a month or once a year. Thats wat true girlfriends are!
    Not succumbing to a sense of loneliness but embracing your independance and your time u spend with urself makes u a stronger girlfriend.

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